Emerald Studies in Media and Communications

​Media Sociology Symposium 2022

Julianna Trammel, Grant Blank, & Sarah Stonbely

CITAMS Chairs Plenary: 
 Jenny Davis and Dustin Kidd (organizers)
Michael Schudson, Julia Sonnevend, Caitlin Petre, and Laura Garbes (panelists)

Program Committee: Laura Robinson, Julie Wiest, Wenhong Chen, Ken Kambara, & Jeremy Schulz


2022 ICA Hybrid Postconference on Media Sociology

Featured Speakers: Paola Tubaro (CNRS) and Antonio A. Casilli (Télécom Paris)

Committee Members: Grant Blank, Antonio Casilli, Wenhong Chen, Massimo Ragnedda, Laura Robinson, Jen Schradie, Jeremy Schulz, Juliana Trammel, Paola Tubaro, and Julie Wiest (in alpha order) 

ICA Division Affiliate: Computational Methods Divisions
Institutional Host:  Jen Schradie, Sciences Po Paris
Institutional Sponsors: Santa Clara University & University of Texas, Austin

This postconference welcomed scholars from all fields and disciplines build the field of media sociology writ large on any foci, theoretical orientation, and/or methodological practice. Contributing to ICA’s theme “One World, One Network,” the post-conference provides a global tent for the emergent interdisciplinary field of media sociology at the intersection of communication, media, technology, digital inequalities, and social changes. Submissions are invited from voices and practitioners from around the world, particularly traditionally underrepresented groups from whom we can learn much about inequalities in increasingly networked and digitized societies. This postconference leverages ICA’s conference in Paris to showcase featured speakers Paola Tubaro (CNRS) and Antonio A. Casilli (Télécom Paris) from the internationally renowned CNRS, le Centre national de la recherche scientifique, which is one of France’s premier institutions. In addition to showcasing French intellectual leadership appropriate to the ICA venue, organizers come from South America, North America, Europe, and the UK, thus ensuring global standpoints. The event’s ICA affiliate is the Computational Methods Divisions (submissions welcome from all methodological and theoretical orientations). 


2021 Media Sociology Symposium

Keynote Professor Ralph Schroeder
Oxford Internet Institute 
“Digital Media and Social Theory: the View from Modi’s India and Xi’s China”

In addition, there were special international collaborations with the Brazil-U.S. Colloquium on Communication Studies and IAMCR Digital Divide Working Group. 

The CITAMS Chairs’ Evening Plenary was: 
“The Challenge of Obsolescence in Media Sociology” 
Organized by Andrew M. Lindner and Jenny Davis
Panelists are Morgan G. Ames, Melissa C. Brown, 
Jeff Pooley (Muhlenberg, and Lisa Parks.

The event is free thanks to our generous sponsors: 
Emerald Studies in Media and Communications 
Santa Clara University Department of Sociology

Program Committee Co-Organizers and Co-Chairs: Laura Robinson & Julie Wiest with Committee Members: Wenhong Chen, Ken Kambara, Jeremy Schulz, & Ian Sheinheit with Assistant Committee Members: Barbara Baptista and JD Worcester (in alphabetical order)