Emerald Studies in Media and Communication

Emerald Studies in Media and Communication is edited by series co-editors 
Laura Robinson, Shelia Cotten, and Jeremy Schulz with series senior editors John Baldwin, Tim Hale, Heloisa Pait, and Apryl Williams and assistant editor Aneka Khilnani. The series consists of two volumes per year that bring together vibrant research on media and communication. 

Communication and Information Technologies Annual 
Each year, we publish two volumes that capitalize on the series’ sponsorship by the Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association (CITAMS formerly CITASA).  The annual volumes are highlighted at the CITAMS business meeting. Timely themes are chosen by the editorial team and guest editors. We welcome self-nominations from scholars of all disciplines interested in editing a volume on an important aspect of media and/or communication

Current Calls (Deadline February 2018)
Theorizing the Digital: Social Theory and Digital Culture
Power, Media, and Everyday Life: Expanding the Intersectional

Published and Forthcoming Volumes (2014-Present)
e-Health: Current Evidence, Promises, Perils, and Future Directions 
Social Movements and Media
Brazil: Media From the Country of the Future 
ICTs and the Politics of Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean 
[New] Media Cultures 
Digital Distinctions & Inequalities 
Politics, Participation, and Production 
Doing and Being Digital: Mediated Childhoods 

Contact Information
General Information and Submissions: editorial@emeraldmediastudies.com
Additional information on the ESMC series may be found at Emerald Insight.

Emerald Book Publishing
Emerald Studies in Media and Communication now forms an important part of Emerald’s augmented book publishing program. Jen McCall, Publisher, (jmccall@emeraldinsight.com) would welcome ideas for new titles in the field of communication studies, and would be delighted to hear from you.